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ge Arishe who happened to be beside the death knell.

The celestial group has experienced millions of battles. When humans started their hands, they seemed to instinctively 南京桑拿夜网 launched a counterattack, emitting light of various colors from the eyes of six or eight pairs.

Some attacked Su Ming and some attacked Wanda, but both of them used Arishe’s body as a cover to block these attacks, played hide-and-seek with the gods, and started to circle around the judge.

“Dark magic! Sithorn spokesperson! Corruption!” Arishe

couldn’t break free in the energy net for a short time, but it still raised its big hand that covered the sky and wanted to slap the two to death like mosquitoes.

It clearly recognized Wanda’s identity, although it knew that there were eternally fancy people, death fancy people, and star swallowing messengers on the earth, but it never knew that there were apostles of the Great Demon Shadow among the human beings on earth.

Sithorn uses the human body as an 南京桑拿会所 invisible channel of energy and will, and this trick is indeed concealed.

The Dimensional Demon Gods, such as the Great Demon Shadow, Snake God, Oshutu, Saitorak, and Beholder, are all super universe-level like the five concept gods, that is, the multiverse plus the concept of dimensionality.

The Celestial Group running in the single universe is just a copy of the original 1265 Celestial Group.

The real judge Arishe is still in the unreachable void. The one in front of Su Ming is only used to deal with the affairs of a single universe, a multiverse-level replica.

Wanda is not flying fast, but Su Ming can drag her to fly as long as she strengthens her body.

Su Ming’s own cosmic energy comes from the split body of Swallowing Star in the 40K universe. Regardless of the quantity, there is still a 南京桑拿楼凤网 multiverse level in terms of quality.

Although Arishe’s attack was as fast as lightning, he still couldn’t hit the overly sensitive small target, not to mention that the two villains were still circling his neck, and the head of t

南京水韵温泉 不限次

nto healing potions. The pharmacists make it through OEM.

With the scarcity of magic herbs, many potions masters have gathered in the potions guild. They usually go to the potions guild to try their luck when they have nothing to do, and occasionally they can receive some tasks to prepare magic potions. As for the rewards, most of them are some magic herbal raw materials, finished magic potions, magic spars, gold coins, etc. Of course, the rewards most wanted by these potionists are magic herbal materials. After all, magicians are usually not short of money.

The Imperial City Potions Trade Union holds a potionist qualification exam every winter. Yingli is also actively preparing for the 南京龙凤网 potionist qualification exam recently. In order to prepare for the potionist qualification exam, as long as she has time, she will run to the magic laboratory of the Royal Academy of Magic to do experiments. .

She and Qige majored in potions are quite different. Qige majored in potions refining medicine, while Yingli majored in potions cultivation. I know that Yingli has a long history of 南京桑拿按摩网 magical herbalism. Very interested, she likes to plant some magic herbs in flower pots. Yingli likes to make some weird magic potions, such as crazy potions.

Just like a few days ago, the lobby on the first floor of the Potions Trade Union was still so lively.

In the bulletin board in front of the lobby, some adventure groups recruit potions masters most frequently. Many adventure groups want to venture into some wild mountains or inaccessible places. They usually go to the potions guild to recruit potions. Rare magic herbs can only be identified, and many potionists can also temporarily deploy some magic potions based on existing magic herbs.

Recently, few people will put the task of preparing magic herbs on the bulletin board. The main reason is that because the primary magic herbs have been in short 南京桑拿会所网 supply, the herbs in the hands of many major herbalists are monopolized by some noble lords, and they are waiting in the h

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r was covered with white frost, but this did not prevent the heavy iron spear from piercing me, and the iron spear pierced the atmospheric shield in front of my body.

I could see that the black iron spear was slightly stagnant, and the atmospheric shield then dissipated into a cloud of scattered wind elements.

The spider-man warrior’s hideous face showed a victor’s smile. Perhaps killing a human magician would be a kind of glory for him.

But how could I let him succeed so easily. The moment the black iron spear touched the atmospheric aegis, I shrank my body abruptly, and used the basic dodge movement in Western rapier swordsmanship to make my body volley away from the spider. With the spear 南京夜生活论坛of the human warrior, he leaned against the spider warrior with the spear against his body, relying on his 南京夜生活spa论坛 flexible body, and slashed head-on with the axe in one hand.

Without any hesitation, the spiderman warrior immediately gave up the big iron spear in his hand, clenched his hands into fists, and stopped one hand above his head, trying to use the thick and strong armor of one arm to resist my axe.

南京龙凤网 Obviously, he didn’t think that a human magician like me could break the armor on his arm with an axe, especially at this time a faint layer of black grudge surged from his body.

With his extremely dark eyes, he stared closely at the sharp axe that I had smashed down, and his other hand grabbed it at me unscrupulously. My stature was short, and a big hand of the spider warrior grabbed it directly. One of my legs.

At the moment when my Shura axe struck the spiderman warrior on the top of the arm, a wave of fire broke out on my body, and a ring of fire spread from my body to the surroundings. Although this ring of 江苏桑拿论坛 fire could not push the spiderman The soldier couldn’t push away the hand he grabbed, but he could keep my body away from that hand.

The next moment, the Shura battle axe in my hand smashed on top of the spider warrior’s head, and a black cyclone gushed 南京桑拿会所网 out from the Shura axe blade.

The strong


although I haven’t dig into it yet. The color of the magic crystal, but I think such a large magic core, the magic crystal inside must not be too small.

Two extremely sharp tiger teeth are as long as a ruler. Although these two teeth look a bit round and without any cutting edges, I held a tiger tooth and stroked it gently on the side of the rock, one piece was like a coconut. The big and small stones opened at the sound, and the cutting edge was flat and smooth, extremely sharp. If it is made into 南京桑拿楼凤网 a tiger-tooth dagger, it has a simple and beautiful appearance, and it can also be fitted into an exquisite horn scabbard. The tiger-tooth dagger is rare, light and simple, and can be said to be a very delicate bone dagger.

It is a pity that such a large saber-toothed tiger king has only two tiger teeth in his mouth that are more than two feet long. The remaining teeth are thick and short. They cannot be used as tiger teeth daggers. They can only be made into strips of ornaments. It is said that jewelry made of tiger teeth can Exorcism. Becky looked at the two long tiger teeth with some envy, and saw that she liked it very much. I took out a twine from the magic backpack and twisted it around the handle of the tiger teeth dagger to make two The simple dagger was handed to the hot-eyed Becky.

“For me?” Becky looked at me in disbelief.

She added: “This dagger is much better than your wolf-toothed dagger. It is sharp and exorcise. Don’t you want one?”

I shook my head slightly, saying no.

Almost all the blood on the saber-toothed tiger king ran into the pool, and the water in the dyed pool became red.

It is said that using Tiger King’s blood all over the body can make people gain courage. I don’t 南京桑拿会所 know if the diluted blood has such a function.

Those who tidy up those materials saber-toothed tiger king, our team rush in the direction of the portal

do not know where the fighting and how

beautiful the dividing line

way back from the portal location of the saber-toothed tiger king guarded, saw


left the underground space.

This gun can’t be thrown into the trunk. Nanjing Longfeng didn’t even rush to leave, and didn’t even think about eating lunch. All of his thoughts fell on this semi-automatic rifle.

With his little experience, he carefully disassembled this old antique into a table part. Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix couldn’t help but sigh that Stalin 南京桑拿按摩 really understood the urinary nature of Maozi.

Although there has always been information that the AVS36 rifle designed by Simonov in 1936 was lost to the SVT38 semi-automatic rifle designed by Tokarev in 1938 because of Stalin’s personal preference for designers, it was ultimately not mass-produced.

But looking at the bits and pieces of this table, he knew that with the reckless 南京桑拿夜网 nature of Maozi’s ribs, it was not necessarily necessary to use such a complicated AVS36. Of course, the Maozi mentioned here was still more than half a century ago. The generation that fought in blood.

Regardless of how strong the industry was in the Soviet Union during World War II and how advanced technology was at the time, the grassroots people are really not much different from China at the time, and generally they are not well 南京夜生活spa论坛 educated.

This is not to belittle the ancestors of that era, but the helpless reality caused by the background of the era. This is not something that can be solved by the efforts of a single person, but can only be achieved by the accumulation of education from generation to generation.

To cite the simplest example, around the 1960s in China, graduates from junior high school can be 南京楼凤论坛 teachers, high school graduates are considered senior intellectuals, and even some academic tyrants have participated in the design and scientific research of certain strategic weapons. As for those who have studied at university Many of them are already leaders in key departments.

By the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, college students became synonymous with senior intellectuals. Can you look at today? It may be an exaggeration


ing on the train, Nanjing Longfeng warned that the foreword was not followed.

He really took this drama, since telling him about Olika at noon. This cargo didn’t know which rib was wrong. First, he drove the car through the streets of Kharkov for more than an hour, then parked the car in the parking 南京夜生活spa论坛 lot next to the police station and stopped. The next taxi went straight to Kharkiv Airport.

Nanjing Longfeng thought it was all right, but the performance of Big Ivan had just begun.

This cargo took Nanjing Longfeng and sat stupidly at the airport for half an hour, during which time he had been consulting the information about the fastest flight to Germany at the service desk. When the play was over, Big Ivan pretended to be answering the phone and led Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix to walk out of the airport and get directly into the second taxi.

The taxi drove to Liuboting City, 35 kilometers away, according to the agreement of the Great Iwan. The goods drove Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix to a clothing store on the roadside and bought two down jackets made in China.

Then, the cargo stopped a local Liubotin 南京桑拿楼凤网 taxi, and deliberately pretended to be a bad Russian and signaled the driver to go to Valkyrie.

From time to time, Big Ivan also used the German with a strong Munich accent to utter the phrase “Stop class waiting”, coupled with the deliberate frustration on his face, like an old virgin who has been cheated on his emotions.

As for the Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix, wearing 南京楼凤论坛 sunglasses and a peaked cap throughout the process did not want to be embarrassed with them. Anyway, regardless of what the overly curious driver asked in Russian, he was all blocked by his smiling face with the phrase “Kudos?”

This is also due to the fact that Alfonso’s assistant, Virgil, is not in the car. Otherwise, there will be another Italian who gestures back and forth with his chicken paws. It is estimated that the driver is going crazy, so he 南京桑拿夜网 is pulling a car. Who can hold the bastard of the Axis of World War II?





深井は首を横に振って言った、「あなたが本当にあなたを逮捕したなら、あなたはおそらく来ることができないでしょう。 「外で。第3軍団は装飾ではありません。彼らは今のところ何の行動もしていません。」

















誰* 1。












しばらくして、フェランジュ博士は首を横に振った。今回来た理由は、フェランジュ博士の思い出に満ちたものを学校の事務所から回収するためだけだった。もちろん、これらのことは部外者には見えた。それは遺物なので。 Offee氏を前に出させるのが最も適切です。

そして、彼が死から戻ったとき、フェランシュ博士もまた多くのことを感じました。彼はまた、将来、外で行動す南京夜网论坛る機会があまりないかもしれないことを知っていたので、彼が見始めたこの場所に戻りたいと思いまし南京桑拿论坛た。 。法的に、または一般の人々の認識では、彼は「死んだ男」と定義されています。


























この瞬間、枝が直接折られたが、終わっていない。 !