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races will degenerate just by looking at the door of the black library, and the supreme pleasure brought by brainstorming will turn them into servants of evil.

The chaos interstellar warrior “Children of Thousands of Sores” who took refuge in Tricky’s battle group, their leader wanted to go to the black library to have a look, but unfortunately thousands of years 南京龙凤网 have passed, and they have not found a way. One who loves learning so much. People are turned away by Laughing God.

And now, Eiffelal in front of Su Ming, according to her silly description, she should have entered the black library through a regular channel. To put it bluntly, she is actually the

death knell of the god of spirit race laughter. Look at her. The face without a smile at all, sighed, most of the 南京桑拿按摩网 time, you really can’t predict what the clowns are thinking.

Chapter 1880 Who is the Heresy

Now that the secret has been revealed, Eiffelal is no longer hiding it, Xiaozui kept telling Su Ming about her experience before coming here.

And she also admitted to a little scam of her own. In fact, she did not come from the “Holy Blood Rose” congregation. Her congregation was the most famous and 江苏桑拿论坛 tragic “Martyred Lady”.

Although the monastic robes of both are red, which represents revenge for the dead sisters, the subtleties of the power armor are different.

When Su Mingchu saw her, she discovered that her power armor was damaged. In fact, she had dug out the markers herself. When she left the black library, she was sensed by the imperial psionicist and guessed that someone would come to 南京夜生活spa论坛 chase her.

The things that happened to the Great Chaos Demon are true, and the things that happened to her sisters are also true.

It’s just that she had hidden a long period of experience before, that is, when she was tracking the enemy, she met the troupe of the harlequins.

Those inexplicable spirit races killed her servants and crew, but they kindly invited her to watch the show. A bunch of people 南京桑拿楼凤网 swarmed up, pulled her arms and legs, a

南京 不限次数场子

think about why Wade did this. He said the closing words to the nun, and reached out to pull her up: “Go pack things and take Wade to the trial. Let’s go to the spaceship, I’ll send the relay station to the Ghost Universe first.”

Chapter 1812 The Departure

Planet Bomb is beyond imagination. It is indeed the weapon Geer wanted to use to kill all Marvel’s gods during his madness. After strangling the simulated electric current to suck away the attached Pim particles, it changed back to the original moon size, and was thrown to the devastated planet by the death knell in the universe.

Where the two balls collided, a silver bright spot suddenly shone, and then a white line spread from 南京夜生活论坛 the junction to the edge of the universe.

Silently, the white light made a masterpiece, and in the next moment, there was nothing left in the same place.

The two spheres disappeared into the universe at the same time as if they had neutralized each other. Only the nebula with purple lightning in the subspace storm not far away was still watching.

“It’s pretty easy to use. I have to remind me when I go back. The God of Bombs still owes me nine of the same things.” After

checking the place, Su Ming asked him to strangulate and remember to remind him to pay. If there is such a thing, don’t forget it when the time comes.

Although there will be no memory problems with death knell’s brain power, it is necessary to prevent it first. With a memory backup of strangulation, even if it encounters the amnesia 南京龙凤网 of the’drawing board event’, there can be countermeasures.


“Although X Metal isolates the possibility of me being affected by the psychic abilities, I seem to have heard a scream just now. Is another piece of Star God annihilated?” Su Ming floated in the universe with his arms, After he entered the Warhammer universe, he rarely wore a helmet.

Because there is an unspoken rule in 南京桑拿楼凤网 this universe, those who wear helmets are miscellaneous soldiers, and it is easy to die unclearly.

“Hey!” Strangling me


nitoring the life of the little cousin, as 南京龙凤网 a reality show during the vacation.

The life of a mercenary is actually quite boring to say, it is nothing more than a job that runs around and travels 南京桑拿按摩网 frequently.

Although I don’t know when I will die, I can have fun in time if I have money.

So for the next two years or so, Wade had a good time. Not only did he save thousands of dollars in savings, he also abducted a prostitute named Vanessa as his girlfriend.

She is actually a good girl, but she was controlled by the poisonous parents to sell her when she was a child.

There is no 南京龙凤论坛 other way. This situation is very common in Hell’s Kitchen.

If you don’t have the money from the gang, you can use your daughter to pay off your debts; if you offend someone with a background, you can apologize to your daughter; if you run out of drugs at home, let your daughter go out to sell meat in exchange.

What kind of affection, family, and order are not worth mentioning in the extremely dark world. Human beings are not worth money. Even if the people in Hell’s Kitchen die, the official death number of NYPD will not change.

They don’t even have the qualifications to be a number, just like no one knows how many people are in Hell’s Kitchen.

Vanessa was born in a family like this. Her parents were all corroded by drugs and alcohol. Since she was a child, she watched her mother and guests trade at home, while 南京桑拿会所网 her father took money out to buy fans.

When she was in her early ten, she was also forced to join her mother’s career. She tried to escape several times and was almost beaten to death by her parents.

It’s useless to call the police. The police don’t care at all. The Hell’s Kitchen is under the management of the 34th police station, but the black police are the most active when they come to collect the filial piety of the gang.

Fortunately, when she was 18 years old, her parents died at home because of drug overdose, and she got rid of the fate of being locked at home as a sex doll.

But after she l


tated a little, and said to me: “Earl Jija, we are alone in the southern Black Forest. Will it be a bit risky?”

The Jason Knight on the side saw me raising his head and following Earl Retz’s gaze. , Once again 南京桑拿夜网 set his sight on the map.

He also interjected next to him and said, “Yes, after all, in this killing operation, to ensure the safety of the two princesses, do you choose a conservative course of action?”

I touched my nose and said to Earl Retz: ” I think this plan is already very conservative, do you have a more conservative plan?”

Earl 南京桑拿会所网 Reyz stood beside the map, pointed at the places marked in red around Tanton City, and said confidently to me “According to what we know, in the outer suburbs of Tanton City, um! There is also this area here. There should be a large number of spider warriors stationed. We can choose one with a spider warrior from these spider camps. Come out of the camp”

23. Yalong flew away.

A group of light as vaporous cyclone surrounds Earl Ryze’s body. The body-protecting qi is also called fighting qi, and it is almost the 南京龙凤论坛 most obvious sign of the second-tier strong.

Fighting energy is called by some martial arts experts as non-attribute magical power. The second-tier powerhouses can infuse fighting energy into the magic pattern structure, which can make the magic-line structure work. This means that the second-tier powerhouses 南京龙凤网 can draw directly on their bodies. Some powerful magic lines.

After possessing fighting spirit, the magic pattern structure strengthens the rank two powerhouses’ own strength, and the strength of these rank two powerhouses will have a qualitative leap.

Earl Retz stood by the wall of the conference room, pointing to the map of the plane of Hiero.

He rolled up the sleeves of his white 江苏桑拿论坛 shirt, revealing a strong arm, and the magic circle on his arm gleamed with a faint magical glow.

Although this map can clearly show a part of the topography of the Black Forest on the plane of Yero, there is very little information about the Nebula wa


is period, you have to invest a lot of magic crystals in the large magic circle in the ecological garden every day. It’s a high cost, so I personally don’t suggest you have this unrealistic ideal.”

“Perhaps I can find a land suitable for the growth of intermediate herbs.” I explained weakly, appearing in Yerkes’ eyes. There is a trace of paleness.

Yerkes 南京桑拿会所 put down the beaker in his hand, licked his dry lips slightly, reached out to hold my shoulder, and spoke to me earnestly. Said: “I know that you run a magic grocery store with a classmate in El City, and you have a very stable supply of primary magic herbs, but this doesn’t explain the problem. Primary magic herbs and intermediate magic herbs are completely 南京桑拿夜网 different. Two things, you can’t grow these precious herbs on the land of the orc tribe. That will only bring you endless trouble. First, you will face the ruthless plunder of the orc tribe. They can now choose to cooperate with you and use those low-level magic Herbs are sold to you because you can provide them with enough food for them to survive the long winter, but this does not mean how strong your contract is. When those middle-level magic herbs appear, the orc tribe will do the first thing. One thing is to grab you and drive you back to El City. They have this strength. You must not underestimate the old shamans hidden in the tribe. Their true strength will never be guessed.”

Yakis scholar pulled his bow tie, let it loose as much as possible, see that I have nothing He expressed his stance, knowing that I could not persuade 南京桑拿楼凤网 me, so he said: “Well, let’s take a step back and say that you can plant those herbs on the Pai Plateau. There may be small tribes willing to cooperate with you, but have you considered Passing through the beasts in the mountains of the eastern foothills, those herbs are naturally like magnets, and will attract some vicious guardian beasts. Can your current 南京龙凤论坛 power be able to independently deal with a second-level blizzard?”

Then there was a silence in the l















彼女はルシファーを見て落ち着いて言った。「私を呼んだのはあなたの投影です南京桑拿按摩。 ?私はあなたに地獄の女王、または夜明けの星を呼び出す必要があります」

『ちょうど私の名前を呼ぶ』ルシファーは肩をすくめた: 『ルシファーは、その後、私は、あなたに私のサーヴァントを、この時間を気にします。』








おばあちゃん、おばあちゃんがお詫び申し上げますと、おばあちゃんはまだ忙しくて、ご飯でお茶を作ることができません。-Beichuan Yuziは、彼がそれを拒否したとは決して言いませんでした。







食事の後、最初のゲストが来たとき、おばあさんXiaolinはYuko Beichuanとおしゃべりをして、起き上がって去りました。