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instantly, she smiled and picked up her hammer, looking for a shady place by the broken road. He squatted down and said, “I understand, all the set meals are dead, so I don’t let the blue devil know about it.” 南京龙凤论坛

“Smart, or you are the best.” Su Ming took out a piece of chocolate in his pocket and threw it to Ha Li, and she threw a heavy machine gun, and a million rounds of ammunition, and then only with people flew up: “!! ready to fight in place”


everyone who are flashed different colors, each with the ability to have l Sora, greeted the Lords of Order on the opposite side.

The other party naturally also noticed the changes in the 南京桑拿夜网 crowd, so they also gathered and stood ready.

The sunlight was completely concealed in the golden light, and those fragmented, glass-like space fragments were whirled away by the void and never seen again.

The powerful magic power of the Lords of Order seemed to make the wind solidify and sticky, and the atmosphere quickly became heavy. There were no other voices in the world, and everyone could only hear their own heartbeat.

“Bring it.”

However, at a moment of tension, Diana who was next to him suddenly whispered to Su Ming.


He didn’t understand what Diana wanted, did she use a heat weapon? Although her marksmanship is better than Wade, the last time she used a gun was probably during World War II, right?

“You gave Hallie the chocolate, don’t you give it to me?”


Diana’s hair covered her profile. She still faced the enemy on the opposite side and didn’t look to Su Ming, but her voice seemed even smaller. .


Su Ming sighed helplessly. She was not like this before. She has always focused on the overall situation. Is this a bad example of gin?

Of course there is no problem on Marvel’s side. The rules of the world are there. The less serious and less serious the more likely it is to succeed, but 江苏桑拿论坛 the DC is different. If you don’t pay attention here, you will really die.

“I will give you a good thing when the battle is over, now concentra


hing a gladiatorial fight. Even if you are just a slave with only 南京夜生活论坛 a copper plate stolen from the master, you can also call the bettors walking around in the stands to play that ticket.

“Welcome, my guest.” Gao Tianzun got up from his soft couch, smiled and hugged the death knell, like an old friend he hadn’t seen in decades, he also took the initiative to introduce the girl behind him: “This is My daughter, Vanie Gast, she’s not at home during the day and she can’t accompany you on the tour. 南京桑拿楼凤网 I’m so sorry.” The

blue-skinned girl glanced at the death knell curiously, but quickly bowed her head to salute, looking very polite. I’ve never seen anyone other than those from the Presbyterian Church where my father was so affectionate.

Su Ming also smiled and patted Gao Tianzun’s arm, as if nothing had happened during the day: “Thank you for your invitation. Your daughter is also very 南京桑拿会所网 beautiful, just like I’ve heard of.”

“Hehe, she But the jewel in my palm.” Gao Tianzun turned around and stepped away, revealing the person sitting in the corner chair not far behind him: “And this one, who is also my guest, the second prince Loki of Asgard. , I think you might know each other?”

“Of course you know, respected Supreme Master, good evening.”

Loki squeezed a smile on his 南京夜生活spa论坛 face that was uglier than crying. After he got up, he bowed to the death knell in the standard fairy palace etiquette, but At the same time, he was upset.

The two brothers originally lived steadily on the earth, in front of nightclub security.

Thor became Thor because of Daisy, so he simply shook off the burden with’the god of thunder in the fairy palace’, staying on the earth and soaking in Jane Foster and didn’t want 南京龙凤网 to go home, so that Rocky couldn’t go back.

But suddenly yesterday, a strange woman, who claimed to be their eldest sister, came to the door, beat the two men violently, and threw them to Sakar.

Is there such a coincidence?

Thor thought it was an accident, but Rocky didn’t think so.

Let’s not talk about th


stals with dark attributes, and after searching for it for a long time, I couldn’t find a magic crystal with lightning attributes.

Kalantso took off the hard leather armor of the Spider-Man Warlord, wrapped her chest in linen cloth and blowing in the cool sea breeze. She held a rough whetstone in her hand when the stone was on the black blade. When passing 南京桑拿会所网 by, there is always a burst of sparks.

After she was promoted to the rank two powerhouse, it was probably because of the surge in physical strength that made her body taller. This tailor-made hard leather armor of the spider warlord is a little less suitable, and there has been no time to go to the leather shop to change Chi, so she only wears this hard leather armor when fighting, but the primary magic pattern construction is obviously no 南京龙凤网 longer suitable for Kalantuo, this time the emperor should buy her an intermediate magic pattern construction.

Kalantso turned her head and glanced at me. Her eyes would become extraordinarily bright at night. She said: “So at the time, Queen Vicky just wanted to make Princess Areliel weaker after awakening, so she was forced to temporarily Leaving Haiyuan City, and King Jana really 江苏桑拿论坛 wants to kill his sister completely?” At

this time, Justus probed from under the pergola and said: “There must be something wrong in the middle, and His Highness Yingli shouldn’t be like this. ”

I know he wanted to say that Yingli should at least compete with Princess Ariel for the sovereignty of the body, instead of the two souls who seem to negotiate peacefully on the spiritual 南京桑拿楼凤网 level, and it seems that Yingli must be in a dominant position. Just sit there so quietly.

If Princess Areliel is the dominant player, at least her face will change a bit.

Justus, the descendant of the Kraken, leaned on the wooden stakes of the pergola and sat casually on the sand before continuing:

“In my opinion, Princess Yingli has the upper hand this time, probably because of the power of the soul linking magic contract. 南京夜生活论坛 This magic contract


ed with Ghana and placed it on the table, saying: “The news from the Sea of ??Seven Realms is said to be due to the relationship between Ariel and King Kazbin. There was a crisis. Recently, King Kazbin had two new favorites, which caused Areliel to make some extreme moves.”

I picked up the magic paper casually, which seemed to be a newspaper similar to the Imperial Capital.

But I couldn’南京桑拿按摩网t understand what was written on it at all. Justus, standing behind me, took the newspaper and read it very seriously.

The Jana Sea Clan is not monogamous. For a King of Jana who rules a large area of ??the sea, it is not unusual to have many wives.

“The rumors say so, but I don’t quite believe it.” Prince Hitt rubbed his forehead and said to us: “I have been thinking, is it true that Ariel will die because of 南京桑拿夜网this? She is endless The princess of the sea, the queen of the sea of ??seven realms, she is a very proud person, she cannot be crushed by these things, according to her character, she will definitely bring back her own happiness, she is kind of courageous In the face of any difficult person, she can do well as long as she wants to do things. She is the kind of perfectionist who is a little bit paranoid. ” 南京夜生活spa论坛

It’s hard to say about feelings, I thought to myself.

When I remembered something, I asked Prince Hitt, “By the way, Prince Hitt, do you know where Agalega Island is?”

Prince Hitt frowned, and did not answer immediately, but turned and walked away. After entering the room, he took out a scroll and unrolled it on the roof floor.

It was a chart of the endless sea, which described the distribution of the Jana tribe in detail. He searched this chart for a long time before he had some notes on the most invisible place on the edge of the chart. The Jana there The words are densely written.

Prince Hit asked me: “Do you want to go there? It refers to a coral reef archipelago close to the west coast of the eastern continent, far away from our deep city. There is a controversial sea area that was origin南京桑拿会所

南京水韵温泉 不限次

nto healing potions. The pharmacists make it through OEM.

With the scarcity of magic herbs, many potions masters have gathered in the potions guild. They usually go to the potions guild to try their luck when they have nothing to do, and occasionally they can receive some tasks to prepare magic potions. As for the rewards, most of them are some magic herbal raw materials, finished magic potions, magic spars, gold coins, etc. Of course, the rewards most wanted by these potionists are magic herbal materials. After all, magicians are usually not short of money.

The Imperial City Potions Trade Union holds a potionist qualification exam every winter. Yingli is also actively preparing for the 南京龙凤网 potionist qualification exam recently. In order to prepare for the potionist qualification exam, as long as she has time, she will run to the magic laboratory of the Royal Academy of Magic to do experiments. .

She and Qige majored in potions are quite different. Qige majored in potions refining medicine, while Yingli majored in potions cultivation. I know that Yingli has a long history of 南京桑拿按摩网 magical herbalism. Very interested, she likes to plant some magic herbs in flower pots. Yingli likes to make some weird magic potions, such as crazy potions.

Just like a few days ago, the lobby on the first floor of the Potions Trade Union was still so lively.

In the bulletin board in front of the lobby, some adventure groups recruit potions masters most frequently. Many adventure groups want to venture into some wild mountains or inaccessible places. They usually go to the potions guild to recruit potions. Rare magic herbs can only be identified, and many potionists can also temporarily deploy some magic potions based on existing magic herbs.

Recently, few people will put the task of preparing magic herbs on the bulletin board. The main reason is that because the primary magic herbs have been in short 南京桑拿会所网 supply, the herbs in the hands of many major herbalists are monopolized by some noble lords, and they are waiting in the h


the fat black slave owner would have bitter eyes even if he did not resist. , But I didn’t expect that the black and fat slave owner not only had no complaints, but also said with a smile: “Yes, yes, yes! Come on, take a few distinguished guests to the VIP room.”

Then we were taken in by two servants. In a cool and airy room, the coffee table in the room was piled with fresh seasonal fruits. The palace steward asked Yingli and I to sit on the 南京桑拿夜网 soft leather sofa in the center. He stood beside Yingli and said to us: There are two slave owners who have done the most in the market, namely Culverly and Jonah Adams. Culverly has close ties with several pirate groups in the endless sea, so he mainly manages Naga slaves in the slave market. , If your Royal Highness wants to buy the Jana Mermaid, then you have to deal with Culverley.”

“The Jonah Adams we met is the spokesperson jointly elected by the group of slave traps in Qiyan City. There is a lizard slave with a big ticket, even if you want to gather a battle group of lizard archers, this guy can figure out a way to gather it for you.”

Yingli nodded slightly and nodded.

Before long, there was a messy footsteps outside.

A sturdy man wearing pure white magic pattern spider silk bloomers and an 南京桑拿会所 open-chested vest walked into the living room first. He first glanced at me and Yingli, and then carefully glanced over Catalina before staying in the palace. Manager, saluted him respectfully and said: “Master Innis, what can you do with me at this time?” The

palace manager Innis held his chest high, took a breath, straightened his face, and said with a low voice. Said in his voice: “Jonah, in front of you are the extremely noble Princess Yingli and Marquis Giga, it is the Lord Marquis who wants to ask you something.”

Hearing what Innis said, the slave owner Jonah Adams was shocked. He stayed on Yingli’s face for a few seconds with an expression of disbelief.

“Presumptuous!” Innis, the manager of the palace, shouted in a deep voice.

Only then did Jo


tated a little, and said to me: “Earl Jija, we are alone in the southern Black Forest. Will it be a bit risky?”

The Jason Knight on the side saw me raising his head and following Earl Retz’s gaze. , Once again 南京桑拿夜网 set his sight on the map.

He also interjected next to him and said, “Yes, after all, in this killing operation, to ensure the safety of the two princesses, do you choose a conservative course of action?”

I touched my nose and said to Earl Retz: ” I think this plan is already very conservative, do you have a more conservative plan?”

Earl 南京桑拿会所网 Reyz stood beside the map, pointed at the places marked in red around Tanton City, and said confidently to me “According to what we know, in the outer suburbs of Tanton City, um! There is also this area here. There should be a large number of spider warriors stationed. We can choose one with a spider warrior from these spider camps. Come out of the camp”

23. Yalong flew away.

A group of light as vaporous cyclone surrounds Earl Ryze’s body. The body-protecting qi is also called fighting qi, and it is almost the 南京龙凤论坛 most obvious sign of the second-tier strong.

Fighting energy is called by some martial arts experts as non-attribute magical power. The second-tier powerhouses can infuse fighting energy into the magic pattern structure, which can make the magic-line structure work. This means that the second-tier powerhouses 南京龙凤网 can draw directly on their bodies. Some powerful magic lines.

After possessing fighting spirit, the magic pattern structure strengthens the rank two powerhouses’ own strength, and the strength of these rank two powerhouses will have a qualitative leap.

Earl Retz stood by the wall of the conference room, pointing to the map of the plane of Hiero.

He rolled up the sleeves of his white 江苏桑拿论坛 shirt, revealing a strong arm, and the magic circle on his arm gleamed with a faint magical glow.

Although this map can clearly show a part of the topography of the Black Forest on the plane of Yero, there is very little information about the Nebula wa


rsonal maid of Qiniangqige of the dance company, how to make-up is probably a compulsory course for Catalina, but she has been mixing in the army of the 南京夜生活spa论坛 plane of Yero in recent years. Things may be unfamiliar.

I said to Katerina and Helena, “Katerina, Helena, you help Tracy put on the bride’s makeup on the wedding day!”

Katerina calmly agreed, “Oh!”

Helena was delighted. “Okay!” After

Katerina finished speaking, she reached out and touched Tracy’s cheek, pursing her rosy lips, and said to Tracy: “Wait, I will give you a care first. Three days later and at the wedding, we will show you the most beautiful you. We need to make some preparations now.”

Tracy’s eyes widened . She probably never thought that Catalina, who would be by my side at any time, was actually still one. A makeup artist. She looked at Catalina in surprise and asked her: “Ah! What do I need to do? Catalina.” While the

girls were chatting together, I went into the 南京桑拿楼凤网 living room and hugged Fanny. , And then gave a big hug to Nancy, who was a little overwhelmed. Her bulging and full breasts were really soft. It is no wonder that Lyant, who abides by the traditional thinking, will shine a second time.

“Where is Lion?” I asked Fanny without seeing Lion drinking golden cider by the wine cabinet.

Fanny pinched my face and looked at me alive and kicking. Then she said to me: “The 南京夜生活论坛 relatives of Aunt Basha’s house have arrived, and Lione will help them arrange a place to live. You came back just right. , Take a hot bath first, take a good rest, and join the family dinner in the evening.”

“Okay, ma’am!” I put my arms around Fanny’s shoulders and kissed her on the face, and said to her.

For Aunt Barsha’s family, my memory only survived six years ago. At that time, the family came to visit Lion and Fanny, probably because they knew that I was an adopted child. I liked Tracy so much, but right. I behaved very coldly. My two cheap cousins ??even spit at me when there is no one. That cousin always likes to proudly raise her pointed


In recent years, in order to improve the overall quality of the students, the college has implemented a team competition mode. The college supports students to spontaneously form combat teams, train together and take risks together, just to cultivate the team spirit of the students. After all, those wars are not a one-person battle. Having a good team can increase the chance of surviving on the battlefield.

Only some colleges 南京桑拿楼凤网 in the north will pay special attention to this aspect of education, because these students will face barbarians who are ten times or more stronger than themselves after they leave the campus. Years of combat experience tells us that to fight against the barbarians with infinite power, we must unite, and only with a small team combat mode can we hope to defeat the barbarians 南京龙凤论坛 with strong individual strength.

The Summer Academy Fighting Competition of the War Academy is not so much an academy event as it is a grand gathering for the seniors of the fourth grade to show their strength. After all, the seniors of the fourth grade are infinitely close to the real first-level fighters or It is a first-level mage, and has far more power than those students in the second and third grades, so the teams that really rank among the best are teams composed of seniors in the fourth grade.

The name of the champion team of each martial arts competition will be engraved on the honor wall of the War Academy. This supreme honor is an important reason for the seniors to show their strength without reservation. Who does not want to engrave their name on their alma mater On the wall of honor?

In order to 南京桑拿按摩网 maintain the fairness of the competition, not just one team can participate in the competition. Before that, there will be more fierce qualification competitions, and a total of 16 teams will get the final qualifications.

Annie’s battle spirit team was a dark horse that rushed out at the last moment of the qualifying round. Because the team had completed an academy mission 南京桑拿会所 somewhere in the so

南京 夜生活 论坛

r was covered with white frost, but this did not prevent the heavy iron spear from piercing me, and the iron spear pierced the atmospheric shield in front of my body.

I could see that the black iron spear was slightly stagnant, and the atmospheric shield then dissipated into a cloud of scattered wind elements.

The spider-man warrior’s hideous face showed a victor’s smile. Perhaps killing a human magician would be a kind of glory for him.

But how could I let him succeed so easily. The moment the black iron spear touched the atmospheric aegis, I shrank my body abruptly, and used the basic dodge movement in Western rapier swordsmanship to make my body volley away from the spider. With the spear 南京夜生活论坛of the human warrior, he leaned against the spider warrior with the spear against his body, relying on his 南京夜生活spa论坛 flexible body, and slashed head-on with the axe in one hand.

Without any hesitation, the spiderman warrior immediately gave up the big iron spear in his hand, clenched his hands into fists, and stopped one hand above his head, trying to use the thick and strong armor of one arm to resist my axe.

南京龙凤网 Obviously, he didn’t think that a human magician like me could break the armor on his arm with an axe, especially at this time a faint layer of black grudge surged from his body.

With his extremely dark eyes, he stared closely at the sharp axe that I had smashed down, and his other hand grabbed it at me unscrupulously. My stature was short, and a big hand of the spider warrior grabbed it directly. One of my legs.

At the moment when my Shura axe struck the spiderman warrior on the top of the arm, a wave of fire broke out on my body, and a ring of fire spread from my body to the surroundings. Although this ring of 江苏桑拿论坛 fire could not push the spiderman The soldier couldn’t push away the hand he grabbed, but he could keep my body away from that hand.

The next moment, the Shura battle axe in my hand smashed on top of the spider warrior’s head, and a black cyclone gushed 南京桑拿会所网 out from the Shura axe blade.

The strong